i make nsfw jokes so if ur not comfortable w that lmk, i'm also really slow sometimes, mood swings, i also use caps alot so if you are uncomfortable w that also lmk, i use death threat jokes

can't take jokes, -12 and 18+ , u fit the usual dfi criteria (homophobic, racist, etc.), u dislike or hate my interests, does not respect boundaries, israel supporters

drake, kali uchis, chase atlantic, kendrick lamar, childish gambino, tyler the creator, sza, a$ap rocky, rihanna, lil uzi vert

anime, webtoon, manga, music, friends, roblox, pinterest, seasons of blossom, jjk, aot, death note, rom coms, boba, and more!

(i'm choi jinyeongs gf btw just sayin)